An invasive weed called Eurasian Milfoil took over Pine Lake in 2005.  Water activities were nearly impossible.  The La Porte Lake Association raised funds to treat our lakes but the weed was never eradicated.  Milfoil still exists in both Pine and Stone lakes but is being controlled with treatments arranged by the La Porte Lake Association.  Without immediate assistance, the following story will be a reality:

There is a new weed called Starry Stonewort.  It is a 4 to 6 foot grass like form of algae that is not native to North America.  Starry Stonewort is “the most aggressive aquatic species able to out-compete all other plant species ever observed!”  Starry Stonewort forms very dense mats of vegetation near the surface which choke out native plants and aquatic life (fish).  The mats interfere with activities such as swimming, fishing and boating.  These invasive weed beds grow quickly and can become financially unmanageable if not diagnosed and treated upon first sight.

When Starry Stonewort reaches Pine and Stone lakes, it WILL take over our waters!  Recent studies/surveys ordered by the La Porte Lake Association and conducted by Aquatic Weed Control, estimate it will cost thousands of dollars per acre to treat, money that currently does not exist.

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