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Make A Donation

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The most important program currently facing our organization is getting ahead and preparing to treat the newest weed about to invade our lakes, Eurasian Starry Stonewort.  Our lakes need to be monitored continuously to identify and immediately treat Starry Stonewort.  This weed is able to “out-compete all other plant species” like never before observed in our area.  This weed is in surrounding lakes and is currently as close as Hudson and Maxinkuckee lakes!  If ignored, these very dense fast growing mats of vegetation will choke out native and aquatic life (fish), even chemically changing the water.  When this weed is introduced to Pine and Stone, it will destroy the health of our beautiful lakes.

As we learned in 2005, the Eurasian Milfoil caused many problems.  Don’t be fooled!  Milfoil has not been eradicated but kept under control by the constant attention and treatments arranged by the Association.

It is only through the generous support from our members and the community at large that La Porte Lake Association is able to continue these expensive treatments to control the still invasive Eurasian Watermilfoil and the soon to come Eurasian Starry Stonewort.

We need your assistance now more than ever.  Please consider donating to this vital program to keep our lakes viable for now and future generations.